Light towers - Aurora

A wide range suitable to satisfy everyone and guarantees the best performance in all climatic conditions.
Low-emission engines, hybrid and battery-powered models guarantee low environmental impact.

Plug-in models that are powered by the mains or by a generator, with the possibility of being linked together. Light sensor to automatically light the floodlights.
Special attention was paid to safety with mast locking systems and Amoss kit. Latest generation LED floodlights, optional also lamps with dimmers, with a high degree of protection IP67 and a lifetime of up to 85,000 hours.

Stage V generatoren - Greenpower

A lot has changed in recent years to make generators more environmentally friendly as well. Site generators, mobile generators and temporary setups all have to meet the new Stage 5 (Stage V) standards. Existing units may still be used but in low emission zones only the latest technology is allowed. Therefore, this market is also in a state of flux and new techniques such as solar or hybrid are being used more and more. Ask for the latest developments of the stage 5 rental range.

Portable generators - Emach

The EMACH brand is the result of the will to meet the increasingly demanding requests of customers and looking for local and professional quality products at competitive prices with the added value of forty years of experience in the energy and hydraulic sector for industry and construction.

The value of belonging to the leading builders in these sectors makes it possible to transfer the necessary experience and guarantee quality solutions even in this range of entry-level professional products.

3000RPM generators - Greenpower

GREEN POWER 3000 rpm generators are designed to meet power generation requirements up to 18 kVA.

Our range of generators is characterized by these features:

Very practical and easy to use
High silence
Excellent performance
Easy to transport
Low maintenance costs

Gasoline and diesel versions are available in the following motorizations: Honda, Kohler, Lombardini, Yanmar.

Prompt delivery of spare parts and maintenance kits


Oil filters
Water filters
Pre-fuel filters
Fuel filters
Air filters

Engine parts

John Deere

Electrical parts & components

Grid monitoring
Source changers
Control panels
Circuit breakers
Voltage regulators
Charging alternators
Battery chargers


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